New Feature: Interview with a Sympathizer

intr.v. sym·pa·thized, sym·pa·thiz·ing, sym·pa·thiz·es
1. To feel or express compassion, as for another’s suffering; commiserate.
2. To share or understand the feelings or ideas of another

3. Me and you, yo.


WELCOME to my new ongoing feature: “Interview with a Sympathizer.” This is where you tell me, and anyone reading, exactly what you think about True Blood. The interview covers everything from your interest in Charlaine Harris‘s novels, to your fave actor on True Blood; from your private viewing rituals, to your personal vamp belief system.

Most interviews will appear in full here, and a number of individual answers will appear in my book Truly, Madly, Deadly: The Unofficial True Blood Companion (ECW Press, 2010). So, have fun, and be creative! I  mean, just think, you could live forever between the sheets with your beloveds!

Who can participate? Anyone! Fly your freak flag, or reply anon. It’s all good!

Submit your answers to “Interview with a Sympathizer” using this fangtastic online form! Run, don’t walk! >>>>


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