Interview with a Sympathizer: Carla LaPine (@crazygem85)

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Carla LaPine

Meet Carla LaPine! (@crazygem85)

Becca Wilcott: Are you familiar with The Southern Vampire Mysteries/Sookie Stackhouse Novels and Charlaine Harris?

Carla LaPine: I am very familiar with them. They’re a great and fun read!

BW: If yes, which do you refer to them as? The Southern Vampire Mysteries or The Sookie Stackhouse Novels, and why?

CLP: I refer to them as The Sookie Stackhouse Novels. It’s what I’ve mainly heard them called, so it’s kind of stuck with me.

BW: When and how did you first learn about the books?

CLP: I first learned of the books about a month before the show came out.

BW: How many of the books have you read?

CLP: I have read eight of them. They are addicting. Once you start, you cannot stop.

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BW: Before you started to watch True Blood, what had you heard about it, if anything? For instance, did you see any of the viral marketing campaigns?

CLP: I was familiar with the books, and saw a commercial for the show. I didn’t really check out any of the viral marketing campaigns till after I started watching.

BW: Were you familiar with Alan Ball, American Beauty, or Six Feet Under?

CLP: I love Alan Ball. American Beauty was such a fantastic film. I’ve seen it many, many times. Six Feet Under was, and still is, one of my favourite television series. I own all seasons on DVD, and definitely watch it from time to time. There was nothing like it on television. It is such a fantastic show.

BW: Did knowing Alan Ball was attached to True Blood make it any more enticing?

CLP: It definitely did not hurt. I love everything I have seen that he’s been involved with. So, knowing he was behind this, definitely sealed the deal.

BW: Between the novels and the series, which deviations have you noted, which do you like, and which do you dislike?

CLP: The main deviation that I love is keeping Lafayette around. I grew to really love that character in Season One, and would have been devastated to see him die. True Blood would not be the same without him. I also enjoy the changes we have seen with Jason in the series versus Jason in the books. He is a bit more humanized and likable in the series.

The one deviation I did not like so much was how Lorena’s appearance in the show versus that in the books. I did not like the light it shed on Eric by having him bring in Lorena to sabotage Sookie and Bill.

BW: How do you feel about the casting? Had you pictured anyone differently? Have there been any pleasant surprises, or, conversely decisions you’re not a fan of?

CLP: To be honest, I think the casting is spot on. I am not disappointed in any of the casting decisions.

BW: Were you familiar with any of the actors before watching the series? If so, from what projects?

CLP: Anna Paquin is probably the one I was most familiar with. I remember her from X-Men, Almost Famous, The Piano, 25th Hour, and the list goes on.

BW: Do you have a favourite character on the show?

CLP: This is a hard question because I love so many of them. If I had to pick, I would probably go with Eric. When he appears on the screen, he just demands attention. You can’t take your eyes off of him. He has such a commanding presence. He’s sexy, confident, and has some awesome dialogue. There is not one thing about him I do not like.

BW: Are you squeamish about any of the more graphic elements of the series: blood, sex, or violence?

CLP: None of that stuff bothers me. I feel it gives the show a more authentic feel.

BW: What about the paranormal appeals to you? Have you always been interested in vampires, etc? If so, cite some examples of other films, television shows, and books that you’ve enjoyed.

CLP: I have always been a fan of vampires. I love the Anne Rice novels. Buffy the Vampire Slayer is still is one of my favorite shows. There’s The Lost Boys, From Dusk till Dawn, Blade, Van Helsing, Interview with the Vampire, and so many more favorites. I could watch anything vampire, all the time.

BW: Do you believe that vampires exist?

CLP: I don’t believe they exist. Is there a part of me that wishes they did? Yes.

BW: Have you ever fantasized about being a vampire, or being turned?

CLP: Those thoughts have definitely played a role in some of my fantasies. There is something so appealing and sexy about it.

BW: What do you think would be the hardest part about being a vampire?

CLP: I think being around to watch everyone you have ever loved die before you, that would be rough.

BW: Do you fall on the side of the American Vampire League, the Fellowship of the Sun, or neither?

CLP: I am definitely on the side of the American Vampire League. The Fellowship of the Sun are a bunch of hateful and ignorant people.

BW: The AVL and the Vampire Rights Amendment bear close resemblance to other minority rights movements, namely the gay and lesbian community. Do you see those connections?

CLP: I do see the connection. It’s all about accepting everyone for who they are. There shouldn’t even be a problem.

BW: Who else do you know who watches the series? Are there any surprises in the bunch?

CLP: I know a lot of people who watch the series. My sister, my cousin, and many of my friends watch it. I’m not surprised by who does watch it, but I am surprised by who doesn’t. I really thought my one friend, Lauren, would love the show, but she doesn’t. I’m not sure what’s wrong with her. LOL!!!

BW: Do you have any rituals when you watch the show?

CLP: I have to watch it when it airs. I like to watch it alone with the lights off, with a glass of red wine, and my cell phone turned off. I want zero interruptions.

BW: Do you participate in any online True Blood communities? If so, which ones?

CLP: I participate with the Twitter True Blood community, and I’m also a frequent visitor of the Facebook Official True Blood Fan Page.

BW: Do the immediate people in your life know that you watch True Blood?

CLP: Everyone knows my love for True Blood. I am always trying to convert those nonwatchers/readers. I’ve converted quite a few. I am not shy about wearing my Fangtasia and Viking Wenches T-shirts. I show off my True Blood pride whenever I can.

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