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Sookie Stackhouse | @SookieBonTemps

Merlotte’s. After wedding. Before Bill’s disappearance.

Rebecca Wilcott: If you could use only one word to describe meeting Bill for the first time, it would be . . .

Sookie Stackhouse: Exciting. Merlotte’s had gotten it’s first vampire! Too bad we didn’t have any Tru Blood, but he was a real sport about it and ordered a glass of red wine.

RW: Eric denies that he could love a human. Even the word “love” is abhorrent to him. I’m going to go out on a limb, and say that I just can’t help but feel that he wants to be connected to you. Do you suppose he could be jealous of Bill?

SS: Let me refresh your memory. If he’s feelin’ connected to me, well, that’s his own doin’. After all, he did sucker me into takin’ those bullets out of his neck and chest so I’d have some of his blood.

As far as what he’s thinkin’? I’d never presume to know what’s in the mind of a 1,000-year-old vampire. I mean, vampires have the whole “Mine” thing, and that means somethin’ in their world. But you’re talkin’ about someone who’s a vampire sheriff with loads of men and women throwin’ themselves at his feet every night at Fangtasia. Why he would be jealous is just beyond me.

RW: Miss Stackhouse, I think you’re underestimating your charms, but I’ll move past that to the next question.

So, I’m supposed to believe that no one seems to remember most of what happened around Maryann’s wedding. I mean, I went past the house. There’s a pretty big mess, and a statue of some sort, if you can call it that. More like an effigy that’s been completely destroyed. And some egg, but let’s start at the beginning. I’ve heard everything from bad vodka to aliens to explain the power this Maryann seemed to have over the townsfolk. What kind of wedding was this, exactly?

SS: Well this weddin’ was more of a black-eye affair. That’s really all I’m gonna say on the topic. No need to stir up memories that most of this town, save for a couple of us, have forgotten. With regard to bad vodka? I wouldn’t know anythin’ about that. I’m not really much of a drinker.

RW: I’m not going to lie. The more I learn about the past few days, the more I could throw back a few shots. If you don’t want to expand, maybe you could just tell me how it is you were able to avoid being under her spell?

(Click the “Read More” link below to read the rest of this interview and one with @EricNorthman.)

SS: *whispering to you* Well, I’m not really sure. Vamp glamour doesn’t work on me either. All the folks in town were actin’ like black-eyed zombies what with their lo-lo-chanting. I swear it was like some unholy zombie Kumbaya they were singing to Bacchus. The only other person who didn’t fall under her spell was Bill. *looks away*

RW: O.K. O.K. Now we’re getting somewhere. How about this? Terry Bellefleur says he saw Sam Merlotte, your boss, running naked through a field. Sam says Nope, never happened. But, then most of Bon Temps was seen running around naked, yet, Sam seems to be one of the only other people who isn’t foggy about the past few days, which is leading me to think . . . that maybe he was impervious to the whole zombie Kumbaya thing, too.

SS: Impervious? I don’t think that word’s ever been a word-of-the-day. But, I think you what you’re askin’ is whether or not Sam was able to resist Maryann’s influence, right? You know, I really don’t know.

RW: Why would Sam be at the wedding?

SS: Search me.

RW: I feel like we should arm wrestle. Alright. How about . . . Maryann is dead. Do you know who killed her, and how?

SS: I haven’t a clue in the slightest. All I know is that she up and left. I guess I really pissed her off when I pushed over that meat thing she set up in my front yard. Oh, and I smashed that big ostrich egg. I think that was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

RW: So, it’s an ostrich egg! And, somehow I’m not surprised. So, before she died, were you ever alone with Maryann?

SS: I did spend some time with her. Not much time, though. She kept goin’ on and on about her wedding. Total Bridezilla. I guess it was her day.

RW: This is just all so bizarre, yet everyone seems to be back at Merlotte’s, business as usual. Is there such a thing as “normal” in Bon Temps?

SS: Bon Temps is just your ordinary, run-of-the-mill, sleepy small town. Some folks might think it’s boring. I call it home.

RW: I see you got a package. Do you mind if I ask who it’s from?

SS: Bill got me a gift! Aside from some flowers, this is a first!

It may have been a bit heartless, but a girl has a job to do. So, immediately after word started to build that Bill was missing, I caught up with Sookie at the French restaurant where she’d been dining with Bill.

RW: I’m so sorry, Sookie. If you can, try to recount the events leading up to Bill’s disappearance.

SS: You really want me to talk about this? All I know is that we were havin’ a beautiful evening. Probably the first date we’d had in a long time. And Bill . . . well, he asked me a question that I wasn’t expectin’. And I ran off to try and collect myself in the bathroom. When I came out to give him my answer, he was gone.

RW: What are you going to do, Sookie?

SS: I’ve got to figure out who took Bill.

While I remain uncertain, I can’t help but wonder if Eric could have taken Bill. In an interview conducted much earlier, it was clear he possessed the ability and willingness to take matter into his own hands. But what would it take to motivate an otherwise self-possessed vampire? Bill would have to pose a serious threat. Is this the case? Investigate further . . . And maybe dial back the cockiness. It seems to shut Eric down.

Eric Northman | @EricNorthman

Rebecca Wilcott: Do you believe the American Vampire League is doing any good for vampire-human relations, or do you think it’s all a waste of time? You pretty much do what you like, as it is, right?

Eric Northman: The AVL is our public face, and like many organizations, it’s more about show than actual productivity and accomplishment. Most real progress in vampire-human relations occurs simply because vampires do what is required of them, and the humans grow more accepting. And no, I can’t always do what I like because I have a public profile to maintain as a business owner.

RW: Maybe what I meant to say was that you don’t mince words, you cut to the chase. Whereas, someone like Bill seems to take more time to construct his thoughts. Do you speak the truth because the truth is important to you? Or, do you say what you want to because there’s no better time than the present?

EN: Don’t make the mistake of assuming that my words aren’t as carefully chosen as Bill’s. Apart from the very rare exception, I always tell the truth frankly and without apology. When you’ve lived as long as I have — which you won’t, of course, unless someone turns you — you learn that lying is a waste of time.

RW: You don’t seem like a guy with much patience for airy-fairy feelings. You helped save Sookie after she was attacked by that creature in the forest, but only in exchange for her telepathic services. You really are a man of business, aren’t you?

EN: I am a man of business, yes, but you clearly know nothing about my feelings. While I have no wish to enlighten you, I will correct your assumption that I helped Sookie in exchange for her services. I released her friend, the V-dealer Lafayette, in exchange for her services. I helped her because . . . Well, that is none of your concern.

RW: O.K. I have to confess, I’m a bit nervous. I don’t think I’m taking the best approach here, and I think you could teach me much more with less talking. I mean, that I could learn more from you . . . I mean, about you. Moving on. What do you think of the fang bangers who come into Fangtasia?

EN: They make me rich. The more the merrier. But enough about that. Let’s talk about me teaching you things. *raises eyebrow* What exactly did you have in mind?

RW: Oh. Well. Actually, I’d love to conduct some research in your bar, to get a flavour of it, and see you at work. Perhaps there’s something I could do to prepare?

EN: If you expect to leave without becoming a blood donor, I suggest that you wear a silver chain. Other than that, you have only to relax at a table and watch me work my magic.

RW: I could do that. *feels forehead* Hot in here.

Godric. You’d just been ambushed in battle, when Godric brought you back from the brink of death only to choose his own death centuries later. Do you see any strength in his decision?

EN: I see only the difference between Godric and myself. He turned me to give me what I love most: life. He obviously did not feel the same. When I reach his age in another thousand years, perhaps I will understand his decision more than I do now.

RW: Do you have any room in your life for love? Pam seems like a nice girl.

EN: I prefer not to discuss the topic of love. The topic of my child, however, is open for discussion. Pam is not a “nice girl,” and she would probably drain you if she heard you say that. But she is the most loyal and amusing of subjects, and the closest thing I have to a friend. She and I were sexual partners in the past, but she prefers women.

RW: Right. Well, perhaps then, when I visit Fangtasia, I could see Pam at work, too. Do her stilettos still need a good cleaning? I’m handy with a cloth.

EN: Pam avoids work as much as possible, so there wouldn’t be much to see. *laughs*

RW: You seem to like a good bit of play. You pranked your way into Sookie’s blood and can now sense her emotions and impulses. What’s in it for you?

EN: I always enjoy a new challenge.

RW: I think I’m about done here, but given that you’re a man who never gives anything away for free, I think it’s only fair that you get to ask me the final question.

EN: I would if I were interested.

RW: Surely, someone whose been around as long as you knows it’s the least obvious people who hold the most secrets.

EN: What’s your blood type?

More interviews to come all this week!

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