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Lorena | @LorenatheMaker

Via Email

Rebecca Wilcott: Of all the hungry and exhausted soldiers to walk into your home, why was Bill the one you wanted to spend an eternity with?

Lorena: He was just my type, handsome and sweet. He was a gentleman unlike the other men that had crossed my path, they were hardly worth the blood that filled them. William possessed all the qualities a maker looks for in an obedient child. Besides, have you looked at him? Do I honestly need to explain that further?

RW: Tell me truly, what do you think about Sookie? Is she able to handle the Bill you know deep down inside?

L: She is a feisty little thing, but I do not think she quite understands what her boyfriend is capable of. William only shows her what he wants her to see, I can tell that just by seeing them together. If she were to see what he truly can do and has done, she would not be so quick to run into his outstretched arms. As for handling him, no one could ever do that as well as I. I know him better than he even knows himself.

RW: This is a quote from an earlier interview with Bill. I asked him to describe his relationship with you. This is his reply:

“She is my maker and I will not deny the allure and pull of such a force or what I did while in her thrall. I am Vampire. The blood lust is strong when one is newly made and I wished to please her. In the end, I could not abhor the misery and had to be free or put to my final death.”

When I asked him if you had any place in his life, he replied, “No. Never.”

L: William is Mine and will always be Mine! He loves me, even if he doesn’t realize it, right now. He is enthralled by that blond blood bag, but she will grow old and he will lose interest. If we could spend time together, he would remember what we shared and once again become the Vampire that I know he can be.

RW: What was it like to have your child, and lover, so completely turn his back on you?

(Click the “Read More” link below to continue reading this interview as well as those with @SteveNewlinJr, @SarahNewlin, and @MaryannForreste.)

L: I will not lie, I was humiliated. I love William Compton and I know it is merely a matter of time until he embraces his true nature, remembering everything I gave him.

RW: You departed, heart-broken. Where are you now?

L: Now why would I tell that to little old you?

(Top of the list, you go, Lorena.)

Steve and Sarah Newlin | @SteveNewlinJr @SarahNewlin

Interview conducted over a cell phone, possibly disposable.

Rebecca Wilcott: Please, both respond to this quote. “Above all, there is one purpose to my life, and that is to honor God by protecting and uplifting my brothers and sisters in Christ — regardless of the sacrifice.” Are there any limitations, things you wouldn’t do, in the name of Christ?

Steve Newlin Jr: Throughout the ages the Lord has asked many men greater than I to make sacrifices. I am reminded of Abraham when the Lord asked him to sacrifice his beloved son Issac; the Lord stayed his hand before the sacrifice was completed. I am also reminded of the tribulations of Job! Who am I to question the Lord’s will? None of us are ever asked to endure anything that is beyond our capacity if we only place our faith in the Lord! The evils of the world are great, but so are the acts of great kindness; we need only look to see them! Simply place your heart and Soul in God’s hands and He will show you the righteous path.

You ask if there is anything I would not do in the name of Christ… I place my Soul and my body in the hands of the Lord Jesus Christ, where he leads I shall follow!

Sarah Newlin: It’s important to me to help young women grow within our church, learn who they are, and how Jesus fits into their lives. Loving and supporting Steve in his endeavors is a huge part of my purpose on this Earth as well. Limitations? *thinks* I don’t think I’d ever change hairdressers, even if Jesus asked me to.

RW: The Fellowship of the Sun trains warriors to kill vampires. Do you see that as murder, or is it mercy? Steve, do you believe yourself to have a personal vendetta against vampires because your father was killed by one?

Steve Newlin Jr: May I answer your second part first? You ask if I have a vendetta . . . I answer you with an emphatic No! The Lord Jesus Christ taught us on the Sermon on the Mount to turn the other cheek and so I shall. It is not vendetta but vengeance! Romans 12:19 states: Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.

The situation we have here is not “my” will, but the Lords will shall be done! I, like my Father, have been placed on this Earth to do the Lord’s work. I am a tool of the Lord. It is His Vengeance not mine! My father, the Reverend Theodore Newlin, his wife Yvette Newlin, and my baby sister Bethany Newlin were savagely attacked and murdered by Dallas vampires! I will not allows those demons to destroy others families! I am the Lord’s sword arm to protect Humanity from the Hell Beasts that destroyed my family and seek to destroy yours!

The Soldiers of the the Sun are modern day Crusaders for Jesus, protecting Humanity against the minions of Satan. You ask if “killing” a vampire is murder or mercy . . . First off you can’t kill a thing that is already dead. Vampires have no Soul. The Soul has long since departed when the human was killed to make way for the vampiric parasite. The empty husk that remains is simply a vessel for the Hell Beasts to inhabit. We simply execute the Lord’s will and return the demons to Hell. It is neither murder nor mercy, it is pest control!

Sarah Newlin: I see it as taking mercy on those that need to be freed from the darkness that is Vampirism. These once human souls didn’t ask to become monsters, there lives were taken from them! *tears up, thinks about my sister Amber*

RW: You almost had the greatest sacrifice, Godric, possibly the oldest vampire in the world. How did he come to you, and how did he escape?

Steve Newlin Jr: I am confused by your reference to Godric as the greatest sacrifice? I do not perform sacrifices! We are not Pagans dancing around an Oak Tree! The Hell Beast Godric came to me seeking meaning in his long existence. I could offer him little comfort nor guidance. I could only offer him the teachings of Jesus. Godric existed during the days of Jesus’ time on earth but unfortunately never encountered him. Perhaps if Godric had, he could have found meaning.

Godric was not held against his will. Godric’s participation in a Meet the Sun ceremony was his choice. He came to us on his accord and left the same way.

I do not know if Godric was the oldest vampire or not, but in the end Godric could find no purpose for his existence. This comes as no surprise to any Christian. Without a Soul how could his existence ever have any meaning!

Sarah Newlin: *shrugs* I just thought he was bored and wanted to end it all. I would too with that kind of fashion sense!

RW: What are your feelings about the American Vampire League and its spokeswoman, Nan Flanagan?

Steve Newlin Jr: Nan Flanagan? Oh yes, that shrew of woman! I am appalled by her and her so called “League”. The American Vampire League is an abomination to humanity! Great leaders of oppressed humans are mocked by organizations like the AVL. Great human rights leaders like Martin Luther King, Cesar Chavez, Andrei Sakharov would roll over in their graves at the thought of non-human demons perverting their great sacrifices for HUMAN RIGHTS.

These soulless Vampires are seeking human rights and equality. They are not human any more; they are DEAD! The humans they once were are gone, their Souls long since returned to heaven. All that remains is an animated corpse. We might just as well as be speaking of the rights of the chair Nan Flanagan is sitting in . . . It is just as alive as she is! The consciousness that animates that corpse is a demon from Hell. If she seeks rights then she should be taking that up with her lord and master Satan, in Hell!

Sarah Newlin: It’s kinda too bad she didn’t have a face peel right before she got turned. Those work wonders to keep me looking youthful. She seems so harsh, she might want to contact an image consultant. First impressions speak volumes! *nodding*

RW: Sarah, have you and Steve patched things up since your “indiscretion” with Jason Stackhouse? Why did you risk everything to be with him?

Steve Newlin Jr: Yeah, I’d like to hear Sarah’s answer to this question as well!

Sarah Newlin: I made a mistake, STEVE! You were ignoring me and paling around with Gabe all the time, I was lonely. *whispers to Rebecca* Besides, have you SEEN Jason Stackhouse without a shirt on? I rest my case.

RW: Finally, where were you both seen last? Can you get a witness? (A little evangelical humour there . . .)

Steve Newlin Jr: What is that supposed to mean? Am I being accused of something? If I am, I wish you would just come out and say it! I have nothing to hide!

Sarah Newlin: *shifty eyes* The church balcony? NO! No, witness . . . witnesses. I was alone . . . yes, alone.

(Steve Newlin Jr. certainly hates vamps enough that I could see him taking Bill, but it feels too personal. Why go to all that effort, when you’d be just as happy to take out the nearest vamp? As for Sarah — Damn. I forgot to ask for her pudding recipe!)

Maryann Forrester | @MaryannForreste

Conducted over the phone some time before her disappearance. I received an anonymous tip from someone who thought I should investigate an exotic woman “squatting at Sookie’s house.” At the time, I thought Maryann was looney tunes. But, I’m beginning to wonder if she isn’t exactly what she claimed to be. And damn glad we never met in person.

Rebecca Wilcott: What drew you to Bon Temps? Did you know anyone here?

Maryann Forrester: I was drawn to Merlotte’s for many reasons. The energy the place possesses is one I have not felt in some time. Once I began meeting people and realizing how unique they were it became apparent I had not come to Bon Temps by accident. The God had brought me here for a purpose. One I fully intended to realize.

RW: The God? What would that make you — a messenger? minion? servant?

MF: I have been called many names in my past. None of them kind. Daphne liked to tell people I am a Maenad. Though this is true, this is not all I am. There is much much more to me. More than your little mind could comprehend.

RW: What’s your interest in Tara? How does she fit into your “purpose?”

MF: My interest in Tara is superficial. She is needy; pathetic, really. It’s an in that I need and I’ve used it. After seeing how desperate she was to rid herself of demons, it occurred to me we could use this need she had. She had a void and she would have filled it with anything or anyone. Why not me? It could have been any lonely person. I suppose it was the God’s plan that it be Tara as she has ties to so many interesting . . . creatures.

RW: You don’t seem too worried about personal boundaries. You’re living in Sookie Stackhouse’s home. Someone named Eggs is purported to always be by your side. The mansion you were just living in wasn’t yours. Do you condone taking things for your own personal pleasure?

MF: Always. Life, your lives, are too short to follow rules or be bound by them. It may be a little more difficult for you humans, but if I want something I take it. No one will stop me.

RW: How then do you define spirituality?

MF: Spirituality. “God” the word itself makes my bones tingle. It’s how you express the devotion, the love one small part of the universe has for something so great, something beyond itself. Many humans are bound by it. Devoting themselves to one religion. I believe in all, I believe in none. I believe in my husband. I believe in the God.

Interviews wrap up tomorrow! Check back to read the Final Three!

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