Twitter True Blood interviews: @GodricofBlood, @Pam_atFangtasia, @JessicaHamby, @HoytFortenberry

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Godric | @GodricofBlood

(The circumstances of which I was able to conduct this interview can not be divulged. It was, however, pretty cool.)

Rebecca Wilcott: What was it about Eric that led you to turn him?

Godric: I watched Eric for several weeks before I made that decision. I could have drained him just as easily as I did his companions but he was special. A human with that kind of fighting spirit, grace, and beauty was far too talented to rot in human flesh.

RW: Did you lose your fighting spirit? You offered yourself to the The Light of Day Institute for ritual sacrifice, then ultimately chose to end your own life in the rising sun. Did life lose its purpose?

Godric: Can you imagine 2000 years of existence? Almost 2000 years of bloodshed? For what purpose? What did I seek to achieve? There was no one left that I could learn from and I certainly had no desire left to teach. Immortality was not my choice. I too was turned and had to accept the new path I was given by my maker. I realized that life never had a purpose for me. My existence was not right. I did not live long enough as a human to fully understand what it meant. I should have died the day I was turned. That is what my destiny was.

RW: Do you see any of your own guidance mirrored in Eric?

Godric: When I ran into Eric again, there was no time to evaluate his performance as a vampire. He was alive. He must have been doing something right. I had not seen him in quite some time and our journeys and my teachings with him were nothing short of brutality. I taught him to kill and to survive.

RW: When I asked Eric what he thought about your death, he responded:

“I see only the difference between [Godric] and myself. He turned me to give me what I love most: life. He obviously did not feel the same. When I reach his age in another thousand years, perhaps I will understand his decision more than I do now.”

How would you respond to this?

(Click the “Read More” link below to continue reading this interview, and those conducted with @Pam_atFangtasia and @HoytFortenberry.)

Godric: I did not expect Eric to understand. He loved life far more than I ever could. I enjoyed taking life as a vampire and grew tired of living it. Again, after 2000 years there was just nothing left for me to accomplish. And what did I truly accomplish as a vampire? Death.

RW: Are you able to say where you are now?

Godric: Everyone can get a sense of where I am now. My communications are my penance for all of the wrong I have done. When I have redeemed myself in the eyes of my true maker, my communications will cease and I can truly be embraced in my new surroundings.

I am well.

Pam Ravenscroft | @Pam_atFangtasia


Rebecca Wilcott: What’s the nature of your relationship with Eric?

Pam Ravenscroft: Eric is my maker. I owe him my loyalty. I have to obey him, but I do it willingly. Eric is intelligent, ambitious, and very entertaining. I would be crumbled to nothing in my grave by now if he hadn’t been watching me slip back to my house from meeting that silly young man. I went my own way for many, many years, but I was glad to hear from him when he opened the bar and called me to serve him.

RW: And, what do you think of the fang bangers who come into Fangtasia?

PR: I find them quite entertaining and pathetic at the same time. They provide us with a necessary meal, and we give them the vampiric experience they were seeking. Even though few will remember the encounter the next day.

RW: Would you describe yourself as polysexual?

PR: I see myself as untethered in all areas of my life, including whom I choose to have sex with. I imagine all vampires try everything soon after the change, as it is one of the few areas that mimic our human existence.

RW: What impresses you? And, what would it take to make you retaliate?

PR: I am impressed by anyone, human or vampire, that makes me think or laugh. Being on earth as long as I have, it’s quite enlightening to see all the cultural changes through the eyes of a new generation. We vampires must stay on top of all these changes if we are to survive, after all.

I would retaliate against anyone that harmed Eric or anyone I care about, which includes Sookie. I wouldn’t necessarily be blatant in my efforts, and would be content to wait until the perfect opportunity presented itself for the perpetrator to be dealt with. I am a vampire first, and survival is my ultimate motivator. Well, that, and a great pair of pumps.

RW: Is that why you kept Lafayette locked in the basement under Fangtasia?

PR: Keeping Lafayette in the basement is a perfect example of vampiric survival techniques. He was seen as a threat to our kind and had to be broken before we could properly interrogate him. I personally am quite fond of Lafayette, as he’s got excellent business acumen and is a snazzy dresser. He would make an excellent vampire, but he has other obligations to fulfill before we can entertain that subject.

RW: Dealing V. Do you also partake in that venture? (A snazzy little birdie told me.)

PR: I do whatever Eric tells me to in regards to his business ventures. He is most definitely “on top” in that arena. I do offer my opinion, and hair styling services, whenever it is needed.

RW: Speaking of hair, what do you think of Bill as a vamp? Do you think he’s going against his vamp nature by being “too” mainstream?

PR: Bill, Bill, Bill . . . Such a young one at 175 years, give or take a few. I can’t be bothered with such details, there are humans to document such menial tidbits of information. Humans much like yourself. Oh excuse me, I struggle to stay on task occasionally. We were discussing William Compton. Many factors could be at play in Bill that keep him tightly bound to his humanity, and forcing him to mainstream. First and foremost would be his living in that dreadful family home. We vampires, when weaned properly, are taught to sever all ties with our former existence for this very reason. I would venture a guess that his maker wasn’t all there. Have you met that dreadful creature? She still dresses like the 20s, and those shoes — *shivers* — frightful. Anyway, I believe she was hoping to create a companion, and that’s just not how things are done in our world. Her focus was on keeping him, instead of teaching him proper protocol. Have you seen the way he speaks to Eric? I think Eric let’s him survive for the entertainment factor. Well, that and Sookie. Which leads us to your next question.

RW: How did you . . .? Um, O.K. What do you think of Sookie? Is she just a precious girl, or you do believe she can hold her own?

PR: I think this lovely creature has yet to discover exactly how strong and influential she is. She has befriended vampires, shifters, and African-American homosexual fry cooks, sticking her neck out numerous times to protect them. Some would say it’s because her so called “disability” had her feeling like an outsider herself. That she felt a kinship with these other “groups” who often found themselves discriminated against for facts of nature and not for personal choices only proves to me that her “gift” is more about holding the bigots and hate-mongers accountable for the damage done by isolating these groups in hopes to eradicate them. She is much more than a precious girl, and can definitely hold her own.

RW: What’s more important to you: Eric, fang bangers, or shoes?

PR: Why, Eric of course. Shoes would be second; followed by the fang bangers.

Jessica Hamby | @JessicaHamby

Truck stop. I had the Iron Skillet.

Rebecca Wilcott: What’s Bill like as a surrogate father figure? Do you see him as your Dad?

Jessica Hamby: Bill is . . . well, Bill. He sucks. Ya know, in more ways than one (which is funny, ’cause he does suck *giggles*). He doesn’t let me go anywhere, do anythin’, or have any fun. Which is, like, the same as my real daddy. But then he doesn’t use any belts, so . . . I guess he’s better in that way. Gettin’ outta that place is one of the best things that ever happened to me, even though I had to die to get it. I guess Bill an’ me are startin’ to get closer. I kinda think he hates it when I call him ‘Daddy.’ *giggles*

RW: I’d imagine Sookie must feel more like an aunt or older sister? Do you think she’s a good influence on Bill?

JH: Sookie’s just great and really nice now that I’ve gotten to know her better. For some reason, she always knows how to put Bill in a great mood. And that is somethin’ I do NOT wanna think about. Gross.

RW: Hoyt seems like the kind of gentleman to put romance before seduction. Does that mean a lot to you?

JH: Oh, Hoyt is just the sweetest boy ever . . . I was just on top of the world when he arrived at my Dallas door (the really hard to open Dallas door, mind you). But, ya know, I ain’t really about the romance. I’m about the fang-poppin’. I just really wanted his pants off right then and there.

RW: Which brings me to, well, the medical mysteries of a self-healing vampire. In your case . . . as a virgin . . . every time is like the first. It must feel like more a medical misery.

JH: Medical misery is right. More like medical freakin’ HELL. I know I joke about it sometimes an’ all, but when I first found out, I was just devastated. NOT bein’ a virgin was one of the only things I wanted when I was still alive. And then my new “life” starts and I find out that’s the only thing I won’t EVER lose. Hoyt doesn’t understand that pain. It ain’t just physical . . . it’s just remindin’ me over and over and over that I can never have what I want. I know I can’t possibly be the only vampire virgin, so maybe I’ll find an answer one day.

RW: Hoyt’s mother is probably another source of ongoing pain, something you remedied when you attacked her for talking smack about Hoyt. Are you afraid it may have cost you your relationship with him?

JH: THAT woman . . . *GROWLS* All I ever wanted to do was protect and . . . and . . . love Hoyt, and what does she do? She goes and ruins everythin’! I know I have all these “vampire impulse” issues, and that Hoyt doesn’t like it, but that woman deserves a damn good drainin’. I guess I screwed up, and with my first boyfriend too. I guess I am worried. A little. He’ll come around eventually . . . right?

Hoyt Fortenberry | @HoytFortenberry

His home

Rebecca Wilcott: I understand that things are a bit rough for you and Jessica right now. Thank you for agreeing to talk to me. And, you know, it seems like you’ve emerged as one of the more open-minded citizens in Bon Temps. You started dating a vampire. Tell me what you love about Jessica.

Hoyt Fortenberry: Well I jus’ knew as soon as I seen her that she was different. I never really ‘dated’, y’know? Not like Jason . . . But, anyway . . . So I knew she was special right from the first second at Merlotte’s.

What do I love about her? Well, she is pretty, with her red hair an’ all. An’ she ‘gets’ me. I ain’t never met anyone who’d listen to me go on about my comics. It’s like we could be talkin’ about anything’ at all, and it wouldn’t even matter . . .

Also, there’s something’ a bit . . . *whispering* . . . sexy . . . about her bein’ a vampire. *ahem*

RW: Is there much difference between a young woman and a young vampire? What sort of challenges have you faced dating Jessica?

HF: Well, an’ I bet Sookie will tell say the same thing, it is TIRIN’! Gettin’ up for work in the mornin’ after bein’ up almost all night with Jessica? An’ my job is not an easy one, like, physically. Basically a lot a haulin’ dirt an’ stuff. So, sleepin’ whenever I can — like on lunch — is important.

Also, people look at ya funny. Now I don’t give a damn about that, a course. Anyone wants to say somethin’ to me, we’re gonna have some words. An’ thank God Jason finally came around on the ‘vamp’ thing. He was the toughest to fight with.

RW: How do you get along with Bill?

HF: Bill. Yeah. He’s a bit touch-an’-go. He’s real protective. He didn’ like me too much at first, but I think he’s comin’ around. I think he realizes that what Jess an’ I got is the real deal. I think — I mean — I hope he gets that under this big macho exterior is a nice and uhh . . . smart . . . guy.

RW: Your mother has a reputation for being pretty protective of you, and she sure speaks her mind, but I understand you two had a real blow out.

HF: Well, my Momma’s not a big fan a the vamps. I don’ think my Momma’s a big fan of jus’ about anybody, really. Not even me. Now, I guess it wasn’t all her fault, ’cause she had that weird black-eyed thing goin’ on, but she said a lotta mean stuff about Jess . . . an’ about me. Jess didn’ take it too well. She kinda . . . attacked . . . my Momma, which is how we got to where we are today. I got mad, an’ I said some things I shouldn’t have. The whole black-eyed craziness stuff, an’ findin’ out all that stuff about her an’ my Daddy, really made me realize who I should be spendin’ my time with . . . who really loves me. An’ I hope I didn’ screw things up too bad. I jus’ hope I can get her back.

RW: In light of these circumstances, do you think you can win Jessica back?

HF: Well, I don’ got a lot, y’know? I don’ got a lotta money, or, well, I guess really a lotta anythin’. I’m sleepin’ on my best friend’s couch right now. All I really got is me, an’ I hope that’s the person she wants to be with. If yer readin’ this, Jess . . . I’m sorry, an’ I miss you . . .

Thank you to all the Twitter True Blood Players for their participation! Look for excerpts of these interviews to appear in Truly, Madly, Deadly, alongside some out character interview with the players, when the book pubs in June 2010!

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