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Stephen Moyer Kids Theatre Fundraiser | @AllStephenMoyer

From, please take a moment to learn about this great initiative.

In collaboration with Mark P. Reed of Brentwood Theatre and Stephen Moyer we present the ‘Stephen Moyer Kids Theatre Fundraiser’.

The ‘Stephen Moyer Kids Theatre Fundraiser’ consists of the opening of a virtual wall and a contest in which donators can win one of the prizes signed by Stephen Moyer.

The ‘Stephen Moyer Kids Theatre Fundraiser’ will launch on June 12, 2010 and end on September 30, 2010. Fans will be able to buy a virtual brick in the ‘Fans of Stephen Moyer Wall’ that will have a permanent place on For a minimum donation of $10 fans can buy their spot on the wall and leave a message to be published there, visible for the whole world to see, including Stephen Moyer who will be sent the direct link to the wall.

You can see the wall with the bricks that have been added so far here.

The fans who write the funniest, most original, or most inspiring, or most etc. message for the ‘Fans of Stephen Moyer Wall’ will be rewarded with one of the prizes signed by Stephen Moyer.

FULL INFORMATION AND INSTRUCTIONS HERE: Stephen Moyer Kids Theatre Fundraiser |

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Interview (excerpt) with Kristin Bauer — Pam Ravenscroft on True Blood (HBO)

I had the pleasure of interviewing Kristin Bauer who portrays the sultry, sarcastic vamp Pam Ravenscroft on HBO’s True Blood. Read the full interview in my book Truly, Madly, Deadly: The Unofficial True Blood Companion when it’s released in June 2010 with ECW Press.

Alan Ball has released the official tease that Pam’s character may fly her freak flag a little higher with the possible introduction of some Sapphic lovin’, and it’s none too soon! Last week, I asked Kristin about this development. You can read her answer below.

But, first, a heads up about Kristin’s upcoming appearance on behalf of a cause close to her heart. If you’re in Santa Monica this weekend, be sure to drop by LUSH Cosmetics store on Saturday, November 7 in support of the IFAW Tails for Whales campaign. Kristin will be in attendance to voice her support and to meet others who want to get involved!

Kristin Bauer (photo credit: Larry DiMarzio)

photo credit: Larry DiMarzio

Event details:

Saturday, November 7, 2009
1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
LUSH Cosmetics
Third Street Promenade, Santa Monica, CA


If you can’t make it, get involved by uploading your photo and learning more at

Enjoy this excerpt from my interview with Kristin Bauer!

Becca: In True Blood, there are a number of metaphorical ties to minority rights, particularly gay rights, something that Alan Ball has confirmed will be explored more in Season 3, possibly with your character. Does knowing that your role has social impact affect how you play it?

Kristin: For me, the best part of acting is the doing of it on the set, on the day. Then, it is over for me. I create it, like a painting, and then it leaves my control and goes to live on with someone else. I try to forget about it. So, any future Pam ideas excite me and also make me nervous as a performer because my mind jumps to wanting to do the writing justice.

As far as social impact, that is not something I can control, what the reaction is whether good or bad, helpful or offensive. I appreciate immensely being part of a show that is more than meets the eye, that has many layers and deals with timeless concepts of acceptance and ultimately, tolerance and kindness as we all must share on this floating ball called Earth. It is a big concern of mine in my life, how we can do that better.

But as far as playing Pam, I just want to do a good job and I hope that comes across. The larger concepts, the writing that comes before and the reactions that come after I do my part are not my really province. My job as an actor is a tiny part in the middle, and that is plenty!

Thanks again, Kristin!

Interview with @BillsBelles: a tribute to Bill Compton, @VampireBill, and Stephen Moyer

When I was a child, I sent fan mail to TV Guide (@TVGuide). This was long before the days of websites and blogging, let alone TiVo. I waited for “The Guide” to arrive in the mailbox with the same anticipation I now reserve for The New Yorker (@NewYorker), because, back in the day, you really didn’t know what was going to be on television until “The Guide” told you.

And, they had a mailing address. So, I figured, in my infinite and youthful wisdom, that if “The Guide” ran all of television, it should be easy enough for them to pass along my carefully crafted, albeit thinly veiled, attempts to reach the celebrity of my dreams.

Flash forward, let’s blast past blogs, forums, chat rooms, and comment threads straight to social media. Twitter, to be specific. What I would have given to interact with @insertfavouritecharacterhere, the very person I was trying to reach.

Shannon from Bill's BellesShannon (@smeykunz) took similar matters into her own hands, when she created the Twitter Bill’s Belles (@BillsBelles), which soon evolved into Billsbelles’s Blog where you can meet a number of the Belles, and catch up with news related to Bill Compton and Stephen Moyer.

I interviewed Shannon about the project, what she finds so hotsy totsy about our boy Bill, and her hopes for his character in Season 3 of True Blood.

Rebecca Wilcott: Tell me how Bill’s Belles came about, and how you all find one another?

Shannon: First, I’d like to clarify that I represent the Twitter Bill’s Belles, not to be confused with any other groups calling themselves Belles. We are made up of a group of women who travelled over from HBO’s True Blood Fan Wiki. Some of us still post on both sites. Along the way, we’ve gathered up ladies that love Bill as much as we do.

Our version of the Belles is slightly different as we concentrate a lot of our time on our good Twitter friend @VampireBill. At first, we chatted to him as the group of us. One day, I thought maybe we should make a Twitter page to post pictures and videos related to Bill and Stephen Moyer. It spiralled into the blog and our other sites.

RW: Which of Bill’s traits do the Belles find most attractive?

(Click “Read More” below to read the rest of this interview, and to watch a clip from Season 1 of True Blood.)

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Tyler Shields video portrait: Deborah Ann Woll

Check out more of these video portraits by Tyler Shields. Takes me back to my experimental film days. This one of Deborah Ann Woll is striking! Can’t you just feel Jessica all growed up?

SOURCE: YouTube – Deborah Ann Woll.

Anna Paquin interviewed in the Telegraph (UK)

The first time, ever I saw your face . . .

Paquin interviewed in Telegraph (UK)

Buzz for True Blood begins in the UK!

[H]aving resolutely steered clear of film-industry parties and the red carpet [Paquin] was horrified to find herself pounced on by paparazzi when she set off to walk her dogs the day after her engagement was announced. ‘I’d barely changed out of my pyjamas and it was eight in the morning and about 40 photographers jumped out of the hedge,’ she says in her faint New Zealand accent. ‘It was sort of creepy.’ She shakes her blonde ponytail in wonder. ‘I was like, “You guys are going to get so bored. I ride my bike to my pilates class. I walk my dogs. I ride my bike to meet friends for coffee. I walk my dogs. I’d neither showered nor brushed my hair the morning they leaped out of the bushes, not that I’m massively into hair-brushing, anyway. Neither of us are used to it, so it’s a bit odd.’

Anna Paquin: interview for ‘True Blood’ – Telegraph.

Alexander Skarsgård’s short film: Att döda ett barn

I have an affection for short films, having studied film in university, then college. Wonder what I’m missing without captions, but almost don’t mind. Stellan Skarsgård’s narration settles into the score like an instrument.