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Anna Paquin interviewed in the Telegraph (UK)

The first time, ever I saw your face . . .

Paquin interviewed in Telegraph (UK)

Buzz for True Blood begins in the UK!

[H]aving resolutely steered clear of film-industry parties and the red carpet [Paquin] was horrified to find herself pounced on by paparazzi when she set off to walk her dogs the day after her engagement was announced. ‘I’d barely changed out of my pyjamas and it was eight in the morning and about 40 photographers jumped out of the hedge,’ she says in her faint New Zealand accent. ‘It was sort of creepy.’ She shakes her blonde ponytail in wonder. ‘I was like, “You guys are going to get so bored. I ride my bike to my pilates class. I walk my dogs. I ride my bike to meet friends for coffee. I walk my dogs. I’d neither showered nor brushed my hair the morning they leaped out of the bushes, not that I’m massively into hair-brushing, anyway. Neither of us are used to it, so it’s a bit odd.’

Anna Paquin: interview for ‘True Blood’ – Telegraph.