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Stephen Moyer Kids Theatre Fundraiser | @AllStephenMoyer

From, please take a moment to learn about this great initiative.

In collaboration with Mark P. Reed of Brentwood Theatre and Stephen Moyer we present the ‘Stephen Moyer Kids Theatre Fundraiser’.

The ‘Stephen Moyer Kids Theatre Fundraiser’ consists of the opening of a virtual wall and a contest in which donators can win one of the prizes signed by Stephen Moyer.

The ‘Stephen Moyer Kids Theatre Fundraiser’ will launch on June 12, 2010 and end on September 30, 2010. Fans will be able to buy a virtual brick in the ‘Fans of Stephen Moyer Wall’ that will have a permanent place on For a minimum donation of $10 fans can buy their spot on the wall and leave a message to be published there, visible for the whole world to see, including Stephen Moyer who will be sent the direct link to the wall.

You can see the wall with the bricks that have been added so far here.

The fans who write the funniest, most original, or most inspiring, or most etc. message for the ‘Fans of Stephen Moyer Wall’ will be rewarded with one of the prizes signed by Stephen Moyer.

FULL INFORMATION AND INSTRUCTIONS HERE: Stephen Moyer Kids Theatre Fundraiser |

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Interview with @BillsBelles: a tribute to Bill Compton, @VampireBill, and Stephen Moyer

When I was a child, I sent fan mail to TV Guide (@TVGuide). This was long before the days of websites and blogging, let alone TiVo. I waited for “The Guide” to arrive in the mailbox with the same anticipation I now reserve for The New Yorker (@NewYorker), because, back in the day, you really didn’t know what was going to be on television until “The Guide” told you.

And, they had a mailing address. So, I figured, in my infinite and youthful wisdom, that if “The Guide” ran all of television, it should be easy enough for them to pass along my carefully crafted, albeit thinly veiled, attempts to reach the celebrity of my dreams.

Flash forward, let’s blast past blogs, forums, chat rooms, and comment threads straight to social media. Twitter, to be specific. What I would have given to interact with @insertfavouritecharacterhere, the very person I was trying to reach.

Shannon from Bill's BellesShannon (@smeykunz) took similar matters into her own hands, when she created the Twitter Bill’s Belles (@BillsBelles), which soon evolved into Billsbelles’s Blog where you can meet a number of the Belles, and catch up with news related to Bill Compton and Stephen Moyer.

I interviewed Shannon about the project, what she finds so hotsy totsy about our boy Bill, and her hopes for his character in Season 3 of True Blood.

Rebecca Wilcott: Tell me how Bill’s Belles came about, and how you all find one another?

Shannon: First, I’d like to clarify that I represent the Twitter Bill’s Belles, not to be confused with any other groups calling themselves Belles. We are made up of a group of women who travelled over from HBO’s True Blood Fan Wiki. Some of us still post on both sites. Along the way, we’ve gathered up ladies that love Bill as much as we do.

Our version of the Belles is slightly different as we concentrate a lot of our time on our good Twitter friend @VampireBill. At first, we chatted to him as the group of us. One day, I thought maybe we should make a Twitter page to post pictures and videos related to Bill and Stephen Moyer. It spiralled into the blog and our other sites.

RW: Which of Bill’s traits do the Belles find most attractive?

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