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Vampire Fans Support Gulf Aid. Bid on a signed copy of Truly, Madly, Deadly: The Unoffical #TrueBlood Companion

Vampire fans from all over this great globe are gathering to raise funds in support of Gulf Aid.

Starting today, August 12, you can bid to win a signed copy of my book Truly, Madly, Deadly: The Unofficial True Blood Companion. By me.

There are a lot of other great items up for bid, including books, T-shirts, posters, and a The Vampire Diaries script signed by the cast. So check ’em out . . . right . . . HERE. You can also go direct to eBay to bid on my signed book . . . right . . . HERE.

And watch this super video for what you can do with a little help from your friends.

From Vampire Supports site:

Vampire Support’s Mission:

Raise awareness about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico by selling vampire oriented shirts, as well as putting together miscellaneous projects to encourage the ‘in-between’ generation to donate and help out. All proceeds will go towards helping with the relief efforts. The vampire phenomenon has many fandoms and we believe every one of them can come together in a collaborative effort to help out with the Gulf crisis.

Thank you for your support!

Contact Info:


True Blood Music Wish List. Soundtrack by Jenny Robinson aka @robiart. #trueblood

One of the cool peeps I interviewed for Truly, Madly, Deadly is Jenny Robinson. I first met her online, watching her live Paley Center tweets fly by faster than a bat out of hell. Upon asking her to describe herself, I was instantly smitten by her culturally-eclectic, down-to-earth, and musically-gracious reply. “Dude!” I said. “You’re the perfect candidate to create a True Blood Music Wish List! If you could create your own True Blood soundtrack, what would it be?” And, sucka, she fell for it! (Hee!)

And here it is! (Alan Ball, feel free to beg/borrow/steal from this fine selection.)

1. Closer  – Kings of Leon (When I heard this, it was totally my Bill/Sookie song.)
2. Let the Church Roll On – Mahalia Jackson
3. Don Juan – Leslie and the Badgers
4. Love Me or Leave Me – Nina Simone
5. Trouble – Ray LaMontagne
6. In Spite of Me – Morphine
7.  I Got Mine – The Black Keys
8. I Hope I Don’t Fall in Love with You – Tom Waits
9. I’ve Always Been Crazy – Waylon Jennings
10.  Furr – Blitzen Trapper (More of a Season 3 song, but reminds me of the show, so what the heck.)

Which songs would your True Blood soundtrack consist of?

Caption Contest: win a signed copy of Truly, Madly, Deadly by @BeccaWilcott

UPDATE: @SookieBonTemps, @LaffayetteTB, and I (@BeccaWilcott) deliberated long and hard . . . until the ice cream truck came and I called it. (No one waits for soft serve.)

Congratulations to our winners! Fire me an email at beccawilcott[at]gmail[dot]com with your mailing address and a signed copy of Truly, Madly, Deadly will begin its trek to you!

Francesco: “The Vampire Snuggie. Don’t be caught dead without it.

Emily Wasek: “Dementors aren’t the only ones that can suck out your soul…Truly, madly, deadly”

Honorable mentions:
Tan: “Death Becomes Her”
Rodney Pflau: “And the material is completely sun proof for those times when you absolutely must be out during the day.”
Chase: “On the hunt for Fraggles in the vast blacklands.”

Original Post:

When I had my author photos taken, I gave the photographer one direction: “Make my eyes pop, Carl! That’s all I ask.” It was cold, windy, I was eating my hair, and my eyes were leaking. I grabbed my friend’s jacket, having no idea how honkin’ huge the hood was, and it was like someone tripped a switch. “Wow,” I thought to myself, “This is really dramatic. I bet my eyes are totally popping now!” Upon posting the image on Facebook, a good friend commented, “It’s the Mennonite of the Apocalypse!” I laughed my arse off and have yet to come up with anything better. But I bet you can! Let’s run a contest!

Becca of the Apocalypse (Photo credit: Carl W Heindl)

RULES: Write a caption for this pic in the comments to be entered for your chance to win one of two signed copies of Truly, Madly, Deadly: the Unofficial True Blood Companion. Enter as many times as you like. Do your worst best!

Contest closes Wednesday, May 5. Winners will be announced shortly thereafter.

Judged: Becca Wilcott, @LafayetteTB, and @SookieBonTemps!

See more of Carl’s work >> here.

Role Playing Rules of Engagement: Interviews with Twitter True Blood Players

True Blood on Twitter

WHEN I SIGNED Truly, Madly, Deadly with ECW Press, I was a newbie neither to True Blood nor to Twitter. But in the tradition of great things going great together — peanut butter and chocolate, gin and tonic, Hoyt and Jessica — I shouldn’t have been surprised to not only find role players on Twitter but also a thriving community of True Blood role players. I immediately replied to many that I would love the opportunity to interview them IC (in character) for the book. Hallelujah, they said yes. I’ll roll out the interviews next week, and you can look forward to some OOC (out of character) interviews with a number of the players when the book is available in June 2010. (So exciting!)

The interview process was an interesting exercise. I went in to the interviews as the omniscient viewer. I seen everything, from every character’s perspective. And, because I’m a fan, my first line of questions asked the players to hypothesize about more about the wishes and fears of their characters, rather than their realities. I learned quickly that what they’re doing is far different from a Dungeons and Dragons set up where you are the creator of your role. To maintain character for these players is to maintain the integrity of the characters as we know them, and as they are presented on the series.

As a remedy, the players generously proposed that I take a turn at the plate. Enter Becca Wilcott, investigative journalist! (Becca Wilcott, investigative journalist, who bears an almost exact resemblance to Becca Wilcott, author.) And, that, too, came with its challenges. How do you interview a group of people who, largely, don’t remember most of what happened to them? How do you justify possessing any “top secret” information that no one else knows about? And, as a mortal, how could I even be within ten metres of Bon Temps and not be taken over by Maryann’s powers? Worst of all, how do you appear to be even remotely interesting enough to merit Eric’s time? (O.K, Worst, is how the heck do you talk to Godric???) To that end, you, dear reader, will be asked to suspend your disbelief just a bit, and trust that I had a great time, and that I’m truly grateful to the players for their time, patience, and participation.

You can find a full list of them here:

Click the link below to read the rest of the entry. It’s really very good.

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BIG EASY “Bad Things” Contest! « Being @SookieBonTemps

Great contest hosted by Being @SookieBonTemps!
And there’s some great swag for the winner.

Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Rewrite the lyrics to Jace Everett’s “Bad Things.” I want to know all of the bad things you’ve been doing to get over your True Blood withdrawal.
  2. Call @SookieBonTemps at (318) 759-SOOK and sing for @SookieBonTemps your remade version of “Bad Things.”
  3. BONUS POINTS: Send @SookieBonTemps a video of you singing your version of “Bad Things.” You can email your vids to

What can you win?

  • A Kitchen Bitch apron
  • A magnet from Marie Laveau’s House of Voodoo
  • A bottle of Vampfire Hot Sauce
  • A menu and matchbook from Pat O’Brien’s
  • A lighter from Ye Olde Dungeon (from @EricNorthman)
  • Dragon’s Blood Rocks and a “When you finish sucking my head, bite me” keychain (from @Pam_atFangtasia)
  • An unbreakable travel flask for drinking on the go (from @AndyBellefleur)

All details here >> BIG EASY “Bad Things” Contest!

True Blood paper dolls, now with more pants

Check out these incredible True Blood paper dolls!

Lafayette Reynolds

Sookie Stackhouse

Keep reading. It’s good to the last drop >>


Tonight is the second season finale of True Blood, and I’m writing this, my first entry, from a train, knowing that I will not arrive home in time to watch the finale with the millions of others patiently waiting by their televisions, tweeting in anticipation, or holding court on a bar stool at their local watering hole. And it begged the question, by writing The Unofficial True Blood Companion, what kind of authority am I on True Blood, its creator, characters, and fan base? While it could appear that my presence in this community is paler than a vamp’s complexion, until now I’ve simply preferred a quieter contemplation. My enthusiasm for the show, however, and those who support it, is age-old.

So, while the minutes count down to the season finale, and I watch the battery power on my laptop dwindle toward a fading inevitability, my watery reflection rides alongside us in the darkness, catching night breeze, and I’m thinking of them. Eric’s face outside Lafayette’s window. Sookie as she first approached Bill’s home. Andy turning over shot glass after shot glass. Tara and Sam making early “arrangements” on his couch. The tear in the neck of Jason’s work shirt. Godric’s sunshine surrender. Jessica, and a hope that if she lived in my big city she’d be a bratty skateboarder hitching a ride on the back of this train. Or, that Maryann and I would meet for one slow dance at a tiny bar with low ceilings.

I love True Blood because it makes me think about war, queer politics, pride, sacrifice, family, the afterlife, burgers, religion, and ritual. I love the True Blood community because it consistently engages me, my awareness growing alongside my interest, my opinions contributing to a larger collective that wants, just as badly as I do, the taste of a good thing to linger a little while longer.

Perhaps, then, what makes all of us authorities on anything is the simple act of showing up. Hope to see you soon . . .