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Truly, Madly, Deadly: the Unofficial True Blood Companion by Becca Wilcott (Cover)

Cover design by Keith Berry

Beyond excited. So rad. Me likey!


Vamp Chic: Posterous Pics and Vids

Posterous is where I scrapbook any pics or vids I come across that are inspired by, or representative of, the pervasive vampire chic that surrounds us.

Enjoy! There’s some doozies in there, including yours truly as Bill Compton for Hallowe’en!

One Vamp: Ah, ah, ah!

Vamp: 70s edition

Vamp-like: The Walrus

Vampire Hunting Kits

For all your vampire hunting needs, a selection of kits containing stakes, crosses, and garlic syringe.

One follow up comment reads, “Bah! Van Helsing never carried a kit.”

No vampires were hurt in the writing of this post.

Vamp Hunting Kit

SOURCE: Vampire Hunting Kits: Travel-Sized Boxes of Pain & Vengeance – Los Angeles Art – Style Council.

In Case of Vampire

Oh, would that there was hidden surveillance footage to accompany this. Wonder how many people tried to pry off a plank!