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True Blood Music Wish List. Soundtrack by Jenny Robinson aka @robiart. #trueblood

One of the cool peeps I interviewed for Truly, Madly, Deadly is Jenny Robinson. I first met her online, watching her live Paley Center tweets fly by faster than a bat out of hell. Upon asking her to describe herself, I was instantly smitten by her culturally-eclectic, down-to-earth, and musically-gracious reply. “Dude!” I said. “You’re the perfect candidate to create a True Blood Music Wish List! If you could create your own True Blood soundtrack, what would it be?” And, sucka, she fell for it! (Hee!)

And here it is! (Alan Ball, feel free to beg/borrow/steal from this fine selection.)

1. Closer  – Kings of Leon (When I heard this, it was totally my Bill/Sookie song.)
2. Let the Church Roll On – Mahalia Jackson
3. Don Juan – Leslie and the Badgers
4. Love Me or Leave Me – Nina Simone
5. Trouble – Ray LaMontagne
6. In Spite of Me – Morphine
7.  I Got Mine – The Black Keys
8. I Hope I Don’t Fall in Love with You – Tom Waits
9. I’ve Always Been Crazy – Waylon Jennings
10.  Furr – Blitzen Trapper (More of a Season 3 song, but reminds me of the show, so what the heck.)

Which songs would your True Blood soundtrack consist of?