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Twitter True Blood interviews: @ArleneFowler, @TerryB_fleur, @AndyBellefleur, and @JaneBodehouse

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Arlene Fowler | @ArleneFowler

Merlotte’s, after the wedding, on Arlene’s break

Rebecca Wilcott: How would you describe your relationship with Sookie Stackhouse?

Arlene Fowler: Sookie and I have an interesting relationship. Of course, we’ve worked together and have been involved in each other’s everyday lives through Merlotte’s. The one thing that irks me about Sookie these days is the way she thinks nothing of going out with vampires, and she seems to be getting more and more involved with them. Frankly, I don’t know where that will take our relationship as I’m kind of wary of what lies ahead.

RW: You have a fairly intriguing fella yourself. Tell me how you met Terry Bellefleur, and what you like about him.

AF: The Bellefleur family has been in Bon Temps for many years and everyone in this town pretty much knows each other. I’ve seen Terry Bellefleur around town and we always said “Hi” and gave each other a little wave. Everyone in town knew he went off to fight in the war and how hard it was for him. Folks say he’s never really been the same. I got to know Terry more personally when he started working at Merlotte’s, and noticed him more and more when he started saying all those nice things to me. He has a kind of peculiar and different way of putting things, but they always make me feel kind of special. I feel as though he can see when he needs someone to help him through a bad spell, and I always want to be there for him.

RW: That must make not remembering certain parts of your relationship all the harder, what with everyone having amnesia. Some people have vague feelings that they’ve done things, but that’s as much as they can recollect. How was it for you?

AF: I do know my kids were suffering without me because Sam told me how he took care of them and some of the things they told him when I was gone. The kids told me I was doing things I shouldn’t have (with Terry), since they saw lots of stuff around the house. So, I know lots of folks including me were acting kind of crazy. I just don’t have all the details and frankly, I don’t want to hear much more right now.

RW: Can you tell me just a little about you first reactions to Maryann?

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