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Interview with a Sympathizer: Linda


Linda was my very first “Interview with a Sympathizer.” We conducted our interview over a plate of roasted garlic, breads, and oils — and maybe a few pints.

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And, thanks to Linda for being my first. You’re like the vamp child I never had!

Rebecca Wilcott: Are you familiar with The Southern Vampire Mysteries by Charlaine Harris?

Linda Brennan: I think of them as The Sookie Stackhouse Novels because they’re all told from Sookie’s perspective.

After Buffy the Vampire Slayer ended, I was looking for something to get me over the gap. Two years ago, a friend in British Columbia said she thought I’d like them. Within days, she’d mailed the first few to me. They remind me a bit of the Janet Evanovich Stephanie Plum novels. Each series is light reading, written in the first person, and showcases a main protagonist who kicks ass. (Stephanie’s a lingerie buyer who becomes a private detective.) To date, I’ve read all of the books except for the most recent in the series and the Sookie Stackhouse Short Stories that appeared between books.

RW: Before you started to watch True Blood, what had you heard about it?

LB: Not much. I had a “Holy crap!” moment, though, when I first started reading the books. In hindsight, I realized I’d seen some of the viral marketing done to promote the show, but had no idea what it was linked to at the time. I think it was a full page ad for “Tru Blood” in Entertainment Weekly. I hadn’t watched Six Feet Under, but had seen and enjoyed American Beauty.

RW: Between the novels and the series, which deviations have you noted? Which do you like, and which do you dislike?

LB: Sookie more tortured in the novels. And, possibly because it’s written from her perspective, she thinks the most ridiculous things. The books feel more like a coming-of-age tale. In the television adaptation, it feels a bit like they’re trying to get Anna Paquin out of Rogue’s [X-Men] shadow. The Jason/Amy storyline isn’t in the book, nor anything about his addiction to V-juice. Other obvious deviations include introducing Tara’s character earlier. She doesn’t appear in the books until book three, Club Dead. And, her character never becomes involved with Sam, or has had a lifelong crush on Jason Stackhouse. Eggs appears in the book, but doesn’t develop nearly into his storyline on the show.

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Twitter True Blood interviews: @GodricofBlood, @Pam_atFangtasia, @JessicaHamby, @HoytFortenberry

Read the backstory to these interviews.

Godric | @GodricofBlood

(The circumstances of which I was able to conduct this interview can not be divulged. It was, however, pretty cool.)

Rebecca Wilcott: What was it about Eric that led you to turn him?

Godric: I watched Eric for several weeks before I made that decision. I could have drained him just as easily as I did his companions but he was special. A human with that kind of fighting spirit, grace, and beauty was far too talented to rot in human flesh.

RW: Did you lose your fighting spirit? You offered yourself to the The Light of Day Institute for ritual sacrifice, then ultimately chose to end your own life in the rising sun. Did life lose its purpose?

Godric: Can you imagine 2000 years of existence? Almost 2000 years of bloodshed? For what purpose? What did I seek to achieve? There was no one left that I could learn from and I certainly had no desire left to teach. Immortality was not my choice. I too was turned and had to accept the new path I was given by my maker. I realized that life never had a purpose for me. My existence was not right. I did not live long enough as a human to fully understand what it meant. I should have died the day I was turned. That is what my destiny was.

RW: Do you see any of your own guidance mirrored in Eric?

Godric: When I ran into Eric again, there was no time to evaluate his performance as a vampire. He was alive. He must have been doing something right. I had not seen him in quite some time and our journeys and my teachings with him were nothing short of brutality. I taught him to kill and to survive.

RW: When I asked Eric what he thought about your death, he responded:

“I see only the difference between [Godric] and myself. He turned me to give me what I love most: life. He obviously did not feel the same. When I reach his age in another thousand years, perhaps I will understand his decision more than I do now.”

How would you respond to this?

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Twitter True Blood interviews: @LorenatheMaker, @SteveNewlinJr, @SarahNewlin, @MaryannForreste

Read the backstory to these interviews.

Lorena | @LorenatheMaker

Via Email

Rebecca Wilcott: Of all the hungry and exhausted soldiers to walk into your home, why was Bill the one you wanted to spend an eternity with?

Lorena: He was just my type, handsome and sweet. He was a gentleman unlike the other men that had crossed my path, they were hardly worth the blood that filled them. William possessed all the qualities a maker looks for in an obedient child. Besides, have you looked at him? Do I honestly need to explain that further?

RW: Tell me truly, what do you think about Sookie? Is she able to handle the Bill you know deep down inside?

L: She is a feisty little thing, but I do not think she quite understands what her boyfriend is capable of. William only shows her what he wants her to see, I can tell that just by seeing them together. If she were to see what he truly can do and has done, she would not be so quick to run into his outstretched arms. As for handling him, no one could ever do that as well as I. I know him better than he even knows himself.

RW: This is a quote from an earlier interview with Bill. I asked him to describe his relationship with you. This is his reply:

“She is my maker and I will not deny the allure and pull of such a force or what I did while in her thrall. I am Vampire. The blood lust is strong when one is newly made and I wished to please her. In the end, I could not abhor the misery and had to be free or put to my final death.”

When I asked him if you had any place in his life, he replied, “No. Never.”

L: William is Mine and will always be Mine! He loves me, even if he doesn’t realize it, right now. He is enthralled by that blond blood bag, but she will grow old and he will lose interest. If we could spend time together, he would remember what we shared and once again become the Vampire that I know he can be.

RW: What was it like to have your child, and lover, so completely turn his back on you?

(Click the “Read More” link below to continue reading this interview as well as those with @SteveNewlinJr, @SarahNewlin, and @MaryannForreste.)

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Twitter True Blood interviews: @ArleneFowler, @TerryB_fleur, @AndyBellefleur, and @JaneBodehouse

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Arlene Fowler | @ArleneFowler

Merlotte’s, after the wedding, on Arlene’s break

Rebecca Wilcott: How would you describe your relationship with Sookie Stackhouse?

Arlene Fowler: Sookie and I have an interesting relationship. Of course, we’ve worked together and have been involved in each other’s everyday lives through Merlotte’s. The one thing that irks me about Sookie these days is the way she thinks nothing of going out with vampires, and she seems to be getting more and more involved with them. Frankly, I don’t know where that will take our relationship as I’m kind of wary of what lies ahead.

RW: You have a fairly intriguing fella yourself. Tell me how you met Terry Bellefleur, and what you like about him.

AF: The Bellefleur family has been in Bon Temps for many years and everyone in this town pretty much knows each other. I’ve seen Terry Bellefleur around town and we always said “Hi” and gave each other a little wave. Everyone in town knew he went off to fight in the war and how hard it was for him. Folks say he’s never really been the same. I got to know Terry more personally when he started working at Merlotte’s, and noticed him more and more when he started saying all those nice things to me. He has a kind of peculiar and different way of putting things, but they always make me feel kind of special. I feel as though he can see when he needs someone to help him through a bad spell, and I always want to be there for him.

RW: That must make not remembering certain parts of your relationship all the harder, what with everyone having amnesia. Some people have vague feelings that they’ve done things, but that’s as much as they can recollect. How was it for you?

AF: I do know my kids were suffering without me because Sam told me how he took care of them and some of the things they told him when I was gone. The kids told me I was doing things I shouldn’t have (with Terry), since they saw lots of stuff around the house. So, I know lots of folks including me were acting kind of crazy. I just don’t have all the details and frankly, I don’t want to hear much more right now.

RW: Can you tell me just a little about you first reactions to Maryann?

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Twitter True Blood interviews: @MerlottesBar, @JasonBT, and @KitchenBitch

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Sam Merlotte | @MerlottesBar

Sam’s porch

RW: Most of the townsfolk seem to have lost time over the past few days. You don’t seem disturbed by any of it. Were you affected in any way?

Sam Merlotte: They sure do seem to be confused about what happened. I don’t think I was affected, but I’m not real sure I’d know if I was. Isn’t that how amnesia kinda works?

RW: Yeah, but they’re describe it like an ongoing series of blackout where they were one place, one second, then another, with no idea how they got there, and an inkling that they’d been up to something. Have you seen any strange behaviour? I understand some vampires have come to town, and it’s hard to get a feel for this woman Maryann. Do you think any of them had something to do with the chaos?

SM: Some folks have been actin’ a little funnier than usual, but I don’t know if the vampires have anything to do with it. I heard the Feds busted a still way out in the country that was makin’ pure ethanol vodka. That’d make anyone act crazy. I don’t know much about Maryann. She’s come in a few times for a bite, but I’ve never really talked to her much. I think she’s some kinda social worker? She was lettin’ Tara stay with her for a bit.

RW: And now she’s disappeared. (She was like a cosmic squatter!) Do you have any idea where she went?

SM: She has? Huh. Yeah, I remember where I was. I was at the bar for most of it, just like most nights.

RW: Which brings me to Daphne, one of your waitresses. She’s another one who blew in and out of town. It sounds like you two really hit it off. Why wouldn’t she stay around longer?

(I know this is sneaky, but Sam is so private, if I don’t come from behind one at least one question, I’ll never know if I can trust him to ever tell the truth.)

SM: Yeah, that’s a real shame about Daphne. She ran into some trouble I guess, didn’t really come out on the winnin’ end of it. She and I were kinda close for a while, but it didn’t work out.

RW: . . . I’ve seen the picture. Her heart was torn out. I don’t mean to make you talk about uncomfortable things. But, man, what was it like to find a body, let alone someone you were involved with?

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Twitter True Blood interviews: @SookieBonTemps and @EricNorthman

Read the backstory to these interviews.

Sookie Stackhouse | @SookieBonTemps

Merlotte’s. After wedding. Before Bill’s disappearance.

Rebecca Wilcott: If you could use only one word to describe meeting Bill for the first time, it would be . . .

Sookie Stackhouse: Exciting. Merlotte’s had gotten it’s first vampire! Too bad we didn’t have any Tru Blood, but he was a real sport about it and ordered a glass of red wine.

RW: Eric denies that he could love a human. Even the word “love” is abhorrent to him. I’m going to go out on a limb, and say that I just can’t help but feel that he wants to be connected to you. Do you suppose he could be jealous of Bill?

SS: Let me refresh your memory. If he’s feelin’ connected to me, well, that’s his own doin’. After all, he did sucker me into takin’ those bullets out of his neck and chest so I’d have some of his blood.

As far as what he’s thinkin’? I’d never presume to know what’s in the mind of a 1,000-year-old vampire. I mean, vampires have the whole “Mine” thing, and that means somethin’ in their world. But you’re talkin’ about someone who’s a vampire sheriff with loads of men and women throwin’ themselves at his feet every night at Fangtasia. Why he would be jealous is just beyond me.

RW: Miss Stackhouse, I think you’re underestimating your charms, but I’ll move past that to the next question.

So, I’m supposed to believe that no one seems to remember most of what happened around Maryann’s wedding. I mean, I went past the house. There’s a pretty big mess, and a statue of some sort, if you can call it that. More like an effigy that’s been completely destroyed. And some egg, but let’s start at the beginning. I’ve heard everything from bad vodka to aliens to explain the power this Maryann seemed to have over the townsfolk. What kind of wedding was this, exactly?

SS: Well this weddin’ was more of a black-eye affair. That’s really all I’m gonna say on the topic. No need to stir up memories that most of this town, save for a couple of us, have forgotten. With regard to bad vodka? I wouldn’t know anythin’ about that. I’m not really much of a drinker.

RW: I’m not going to lie. The more I learn about the past few days, the more I could throw back a few shots. If you don’t want to expand, maybe you could just tell me how it is you were able to avoid being under her spell?

(Click the “Read More” link below to read the rest of this interview and one with @EricNorthman.)

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Twitter True Blood Player Backstory and interview with @VampireBill

IN MY LAST POST, I talked about interviewing a number of the True Blood Twitter role players and the challenges posed when an omniscient outsider wreaks havoc on an existing narrative. In preparing my questions, I thought it only apropos that I make like a Bon Temps citizen and develop amnesia, rendering useless any previous knowledge I’d had of their lives. We decided that I would conduct the interviews as a curious writer granted privileged access to the townsfolk leading up to, and after, a serious of dramatic and largely unexplained events. (If you haven’t completed Season Two, there are major SPOILERS contained within these interviews.) I also decided that I would create a backstory, something to set the scene from the perspective of a naive interloper who asks the questions that no one wants to answer. (Some of the players encouraged me to push harder, which was a whole lot of fun!)

With the exception of my interview with @VampireBill, which will appear after my backstory, the remaining interviews will be posted over the course of this week, so check back for updates, or follow me on Twitter @BeccaWilcott.

Becca Wilcott

My name is Rebecca Wilcott. I am a writer living in Toronto, Ontario.

In the late ’90s, I was walking home in the early morning when a group of individuals stepped out from the darkened entrance of a nightclub purported to offer safe haven to vampires. I’d come from a celebration at a nearby rockabilly bar, and while aware of my surroundings, I became confused, suffering from what I first mistook to be drunken hallucinations.

Sounds enveloped me, whispers, thoughts, and something like breath passing over canines. I half-expected to encounter a dog, maybe a pack, as I prepared to act insane, a past self-defense course resurrecting itself in a time of need. A noise grew in my throat, my temples throbbed, a last desperate inhale lodged in my chest for safe keeping. I turned to face them.

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